He will come

He will come

The shias’ Imam, Muslims’ Imam (Imam Mahdi)  will come soon.He is the twelfth son of the holy prophet,Mohammad.We  muslims believe that the holy prophet Mohammad ,peace be upon him, who is the prophet of peace and friendship belongs  to all  people in the world


My comment on “Iranian Forces Clash with Protesters”

Only a few Iranian people protested.Iran is different from Libya and Egypt.We have a good life here and we are satisfied with our government.We have the best government.
Long live Iran’s leader.



My comment on “Is Iran closer to a nuclear weapon?”

Iran is not building nuclear weapon.It is the our slogan in Iran:
Nuclear energy  for all,nuclear weapons for nobody.


My comment on “The Human Spirit”

hello , I am an Iranian.The Libyan surely will overcome the dictator who has humbled and insulted them.The moment of success is near.
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My comment on “Protest: Egypt, France, Venezuela”

I hope everywhere will be cleaned from darkness and oppression, and I hope justice will be established everywhere.I am from Iran.
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Hi..thanks for your nice post.I am an Iranian. I like Arian bond.
Arian bond


Who Are You Wearing?

Hi… I like the 2 last ones.thanks for nice photos..I am from Iran.I like this gown too.Can you tell me your idea about this pic?
Turkaman girl


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