My comment on “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby”


very beautiful post.thanks.I am an Iranian. I am interested in these books:

1.The description of dawn prayer by Imam khomeini

This book is the first compilation of Imam khomeini.This book containing a description of deep mystic points, of philosophy and Kalam, was written in Arabic, in 1307 (1928). It is based on Quranic Verses and narratives by the Ahl-e Bayt (Prophet’s Household).

2.Imam Ali and global peace by supreme leader of Iran seyyed Mohammad Khamenei

This book tries to show the viewpoint of Imam Ali on peace, justice and freedom.Imam Ali is not only for Shias but also he is for Sunnis,Christians, Jews and every body who is seeking for justice.The English versian of this book is also available.


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