My comment on 25 Bahman – URGENT News on Uprising on Iran – Feb. 14, 2011

Musavi and Karubi had applied for demonstration on 25 Bahman.The ministry of state hadn’t approve the demonstration and hadn’t give them the permit.We all know that in every country and everywhere in the world, staging a demonstration without a permit is unlawful and it is considered a crime.Every year the Iranian people demonstrate on occasion of the anniversary of the Islamic revolution on 22 Bahman.This year the Iranian people chanted slogan in favor of the Tunisian and Egyptian people .so it is not necessary to  stage another demonstration separately and only 3 days after the nationwide demonstration on  22 Bahman. Musavi and Karubi wanted to create rifts among the iranian people and they wanted the opponents and enemies of Iran’s government to shout slogan against the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Some of the opponent media stated the demonstrators numbered millions while I was in Tehran and saw the demonstrators numbered about one thousand.


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