“Beauty is a short-lived tyranny.”

Hi.. this flower is very beautiful, but it has short-term beauty.I am from Iran.I hope the peace will be established in the world.


My comment on “Cats Quote Charlie Sheen”


what beautiful cats.I am an Iranian.After seeing these photos I remembered the map of my country which looks like a cat , and I also remembered the Persian cats.I hope you come to Iran once.The people of Iran are hospitable to people from other country and they are also peace lovers.
look at these Persian cats:


My comment on “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby”


very beautiful post.thanks.I am an Iranian. I am interested in these books:

1.The description of dawn prayer by Imam khomeini

This book is the first compilation of Imam khomeini.This book containing a description of deep mystic points, of philosophy and Kalam, was written in Arabic, in 1307 (1928). It is based on Quranic Verses and narratives by the Ahl-e Bayt (Prophet’s Household).

2.Imam Ali and global peace by supreme leader of Iran seyyed Mohammad Khamenei

This book tries to show the viewpoint of Imam Ali on peace, justice and freedom.Imam Ali is not only for Shias but also he is for Sunnis,Christians, Jews and every body who is seeking for justice.The English versian of this book is also available.

My comment on Local Support For Protestors In Middle East

hello I am from Iran.Here a lot of people are pro leaders .only a few are against the leader.We have freedom and a good life here.I think the protesters have problems physiologically.Those a few intend to create unrest in the country.


Andreas Moser

What? “Freedom” in Iran?
Do you actually live in Iran? I have been there and I haven#t seen much freedom, but a lot of fear and oppression.

My reply to Andrew Mosar:
What ?” Oppression and fear”?
I am an Iranian and live in Iran.I read on your Weblog that you came to Iran and interfere in my country affairs.
Here we have a good life and we are satisfied with our life and our freedom.
No fear and no oppression in Iran.

My comment on ‘Israel Is Facing One Main Enemy-Iran’

Iran is not building nuclear weapons for sure.Iran’s nuclear plan is peaceful.Israel and the USA have nuclear weapons .They are threats to the world.The USA and Israel support opinionated governments,don’t they?


Israel and the Usa have been hurting to the poor people in the middle east for a long time.
How can the world stop Usa and Israel from hurting the poor people?

My comment on Four Days In Penang – Part 2

Hello, beautiful photos.What is the picture one to the last about?(worshiping) what about the last one?I am an Iranian.I like the pic which shows a kid in the arm of his father.


My comment

Hello.. Most of the Iranians are pro leader.Just a few people in Iran are against him .Most of the the Iranian chant long live khamenei.


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