Obama: Gadhafi ‘Must Leave’

The USA and its unwarranted interferences in the world (Nosy USA)

The affairs of  Libya doesn’t  relate to the USA.USA is nosy. When there is unrest in a country. It sends its fleets and airplanes to that country. its excuse is helping the people but in fact the US want to steal Libya’s oil.


My comment

The USA , England and their malformed son,Israel, will be destroyed soon and all people in  the world will celebrate their destruction.Today the origion of all the  problems which exist in various countries is these three countries (USA ,Israel and England).Today all know the weapons which Gadhafi use against the people of his country are given to Gadhafi by USA.After succeeding the muslims revolutions in Arabic countries,we will observe the destuction of the USA and Israel.

Gardianship of the Islamic jurists (wilayat e faqih)

Gardianship of the Islamic  jurists (wilayat e faqih)

The secret of  Iranians success is because of following their supreme leader’s  instructions.The USA ,England and their servants in Iran know this matter and they  try to weaken the guardianship of  the Islamic jurists (wilayat e faqih) in iran.They can not.T hey tried a lot of times,but they couldn’t succeed and from this on they won’t succeed.

My comment

The people of Libya  ,S yria ,Bahrain and other  arabian countries shout Islamic  slogan, because they want  justice,they want a better life and they want  their government no t to follow  the US and Israel .

Defeating the invincible army of Israel

All people in the world saw that  Israel was defeated  in a 32-day war against Hezbollah and a 22 day war in Gaze.The officials of this regim  confessed this defeat.The Almighty God said In the holy Quran”Hezbollah is conqueror”.Hezbollah means  the party of God ,the people who follow  God’s instructions.They  are conqueror and defeat the God’s enemy.The  power of Israel destroyed in a 32-day War with Hezbollah in lobenan.Long live Seyed Hasan Nasroallah.

The defeated scenario

The defeated scenario

Iran’s 25 Bahman demonstration which arose by American servants Musavi and karroubi aimed to weaken the glourious presence of  people in 22 bahman demonstration.They defeated in this scenario again.

My comment

The people of  muslims country who create revolutions against the the cruel kings, shout slamic slogans like Allah o Akbar )God is great).This shows that the arabic countries want the real Islam,they want freedom,and better life.

He will come

He will come

The shias’ Imam, Muslims’ Imam (Imam Mahdi)  will come soon.He is the twelfth son of the holy prophet,Mohammad.We  muslims believe that the holy prophet Mohammad ,peace be upon him, who is the prophet of peace and friendship belongs  to all  people in the world

My comment on “Iranian Forces Clash with Protesters”

Only a few Iranian people protested.Iran is different from Libya and Egypt.We have a good life here and we are satisfied with our government.We have the best government.
Long live Iran’s leader.



My comment on “Is Iran closer to a nuclear weapon?”

Iran is not building nuclear weapon.It is the our slogan in Iran:
Nuclear energy  for all,nuclear weapons for nobody.


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